March 20th 2010
New release with 2 files to download. C# and JavaScript snippets + bug fixes.

Project Description
A set of JavaScript and C# code snippets to facilitate common Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 development for Visual Studio 2010.

The snippets are compatible with Visual Studio 2010 and possibly some previous versions as well. If you successfully install it on other versions, drop me a message and I'll update this page.
Similarly, if you would like to add another language or some additional snippets, I can add you as a contributor to update the project.

How to install
Please read the step by step guide in the documentation section for information on how to install the code snippets in Visual Studio 2010.

Most of the code snippets are inspired by the CRM 2011 SDK code example that you can download from the Microsoft Site.

One of the code snippets is a reference to the vsdoc created by Patrick Verbeen to allow CRM 2011 intellisense in Visual Studio 2010.
Please visit Patrick's site for additional information.

To edit my snippets I used the snippet editor written by Bill McCarthy that you can find at Thanks Bill, I just have to remember to buy you a beer.

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